Message from the Director

To All Parents and Friends,

Photo of HUELP Director Dr. Lee smiling

Welcome to the Howard University Early Learning Program! We are a nationally accredited early childhood educational program that incorporates research-based, developmentally appropriate practices for young children from ages two to six years of age. Each student is engaged in a flexible learning program that incorporates a variety of learning materials and manipulatives to encourage exploration and discovery. Every day we ask, “What do we wonder today?” and explore topics of interest to the children as they immerse themselves in the world around them and ask the big questions they would like to answer.

Highly qualified and caring educators with extensive experience in the field provide a fun, safe, educational, nurturing, hands-on and stimulating environment for each student. We provide a culturally sensitive approach to learning, recognizing that every child is an individual and value the unique cultures of each family. Children are provided a rich setting in which to play, discover, explore, learn, grow, make choices, and to think critically. Our curriculum incorporates all learning domains – cognitive, physical, social-emotional, language, and motor development – and includes a respect for diversity, self-awareness, independence and self-esteem.

We highly value the home and school connection and recognize the importance of parents as a child’s first teacher and welcome parents to partner with us on this journey. We encourage participation and collaboration from Howard faculty, students, and staff to share areas of interest with our young children. We also provide diverse learning laboratory opportunities where future teachers may observe and integrate classroom theory with practical experiences.

We allow prospective families to our program to email us and make an appointment for a tour of our center.

Again, welcome to our program!

Kisha Lee, Ph.D.

Howard University Early Learning Program