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Message from Dean Dawn G. Williams

Howard University’s commitment to preparing educational leaders dates back to 1890.

Howard University’s School of Education (HUSOE) is not a newcomer to urban education; rather, for nearly a century and a half, it has been quietly actualizing its mission to improve and expand educational opportunity and access, particularly for African Americans and other underserved communities.

Advocacy is at the core of HUSOE’s preparation programs which equip graduates to be leaders of change, reflective practitioners, and engaged researchers. Graduates are steeped in a knowledge base that is designed to eradicate the effects of racism in education and human service delivery. HUSOE has two research centers, an Early Learning Program that serves ages 3-5, and an Upward Bound Program. Additionally, the Journal of Negro Education, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, is HUSOE's hallmark research publication.

Howard School of Education is a CAEP accredited institution. HUSOE graduates the University’s second largest number of doctoral degree recipients.  As you tour this website, you will see that our undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni are making a difference. They have been founders of learned societies, leading researchers, and policy influentials, and several have been named teacher of the year or principal of the year. 

Welcome to HUSOE’s website.  Enjoy your cyber visit with our administration, faculty, and staff.  Let us hear from you!