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Annual Reporting Measures for CAEP Standards

HUSOE is a CAEP-accredited provider that prepares dynamic teachers, educational leaders and human service professionals committed to improve teaching, learning and research in urban and other diverse settings. Significant features of our academic programs include opportunity to travel abroad for global education experiences, engagement with our Urban Superintendents Academy and the new Ph.D program in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies. As demonstrated by our rise in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report ranking, we continuously move forward to become a premier leader in educator preparation.


The student teaching internship is a full-time intensive preparation experience scheduled near the end of the candidate’s academic program of study. The 12-week internship in elementary education provides a placement for teacher candidates to demonstrate many competencies, including knowledge of content across the disciplines, effective instruction, and collaboration with families and colleagues. Candidates are formally assessed twice during the internship, once by the University Supervisor and once by the Cooperating Teacher. Evaluation ratings are 5-Excellent, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Needs Improvement and 1-Unacceptable. Most of the teacher education candidates (N=6; 75%) received at least a rating of "Good (3.0)" over the past year. The target benchmark for the HUSOE program is 80%. Mean scores ranged from 2.64 to 5.00.

Candidate Ratings AY2017-18


ACEI Standards AY 2017-18 

The Principles of Learning and Teaching praxis tests measure general pedagogical knowledge. The overall pass rate across all grade levels for our teacher candidates is 92%.

Principles of Learning AY2017-18

Employer Satisfaction

The New Teacher Project (TNTP) and the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) organized a data collaborative to investigate recruitment and retainment of effective teachers in the DC public school system. HUSOE ranked as one of the top ten educator preparation programs that sends teachers to DC local education agencies in the Spring 2016 report. All (N=10, 100%) HUSOE novice teachers were rated as "effective" by their local education agency. Novice means the teacher had no more than two years experience. Effective means the teacher ranked in the top two categories of the local education agency's evaluation system. New data were collected in Fall 2018. Outcomes from the latest data collection are still being analyzed by TNTP.

Completer Satisfaction

Reflective practitioners believe all children can learn and all individuals can thrive.

  • They demonstrate ethical and professional behaviors with students and clients.
  • They continuously engage in self-reflection.
  • They work to improve the content and/or processes of their instruction or sevice delivery in response to their reflections.
  • They develop/implement assessment, instructional, and/or intervention plans that are data driven, culturally responsive and linked to sound theory.

Most HUSOE completers (96%) agree their training prepared them to engage in reflective practice.

Completer Satisfaction 2017-18

The initial level and advanced level cohorts of the 2018 graduating class began their programs in Fall 2014 and Fall 2016, respectively. The number of completers reflects a 100% on-time graduation rate.

Graduation Rate AY 2017-18

The HUSOE target pass rate for Title II (initial and advanced level) exams is 80%. HUSOE experienced a pass rate below the target in AY 2017-2018. This was primarily due to test takers that did not pass the Praxis Core Mathematics exam. Candidates who did not pass the Praxis Core Mathematics exam have the option of submitting the appropriate standardized scores from the ACT/SAT. Candidates who do not meet the state cutoff score for Praxis Core or ACT/SAT are not admitted into the HUSOE program. Praxis II Content Knowledge exam pass rates for HUSOE completers ranged from 80% to 100% in AY 2017-2018. 

License Rate AY2017-18

A survey of completers revealed that 82% were able to be hired in education positions.

Employment Rates AY2017-18


4-Year Private Non-Profit Institution

  • Campus setting: Large city
  • School size: 89 buildings on 256 acres
  • Diversity: Students from more than 89 countries

Primary Placement Locations

  • District of Columbia
  • Howard County, MD
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Prince George's County, MD

Male to Female Ration AY2017-18



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