AERA Conference

HUSOE 2023 AERA Conference Participants

Thursday, April 13, 2023

     Remembering Dr. Zollie Stevenson Jr. a Colleague, Educator, and Friend
     (Dawn Williams, Scott Jackson Dantley)

     We're Dying Over Here: Seizing the Triple Pandemic for a Radical Liberatory Higher Education
     (Sosanya Jones, Blanca Vega)

     An Analysis of 'First-Wave' Police-Free Schools Policy Resolutions: Applying an Equity Framework
     (Kathryn Wiley)

     Are Educational Leaders of Color Truly Able to Lead for Equity? Maintaining the Status Quo or Disrupting
     Unequitable Systems
     (Shannon Waite)

Friday, April 14, 2023

     Black Scholarship in a White Academy: A Self-Reflective Discussion About Black Faculty Experiences
     (Robert T. Palmer, Alonzo Flowers, Sosanya Jones)

Saturday, April 15, 2023

     Black College Leadership in Pre-K–12 Education
     (Dawn Williams)

     Examining Latina/o/x Student Success at Hispanic-Serving Institutions: A Systematic Review of the Literature
    (Stacey Speller, Kathleen Rzucidlo, Jorge Burmicky, Robert T. Palmer)

     Overcoming Obstacles on the Education Staircase: Transforming Education Beyond Adequacy to the Great Equalizer
    (Kathryn Wiley)

Sunday, April 16, 2023

     Racial Justice in Educational Assessment
     (Kyndra V. Middleton)

     Validating a New Academic Acculturation Scale: A Preliminary Report
     (Kyndra V. Middleton)

     ACTFL Chinese Reading Proficiency Guidelines: Verifying the Difficulty Hierarchy 
     (Jia Lin)

     Historically Black Colleges and Universities and State Funding Policy Planning: A Systematic Literature Review
     (Allyson Clarke, Charles Anderson, Jorge Burmicky)

     Reimagining Critical Civic Praxis for Black Cultural Citizenship Using the Black Lives Matter at School Curriculum
     (Denisha Jones)

     Exploring the Possibilities of Utilizing an Afrocentric Epistemological Lens
     (Lisa Maria Grillo, Sosanya Jones, Lyndsie Whitehead, Melody Andrews)

     Creating a Community of Learning and Unlearning
     (Sosanya Jones, Karen Bussey) 

     Black-White Racial Disparities in Exclusionary School Discipline During the Era of School Desegregation
     (Kathryn Wiley, Joshua Middleton) 

     In Pursuit of Truth: National Standards, Hegemony, and White Supremacy
     (Shannon Waite) 

An uninhibited, unfiltered, uncensored and unconventional conversation about an educational issue that we care too much about to simply objectify with objective research. (Facilitated by the Journal of Negro Education Editors - Ivory A. Toldson (Editor-in-Chief), Donna Ford, Chance Lewis, Yolanda Sealey Ruiz)

This year our featured griot will be Dr. J. LUKE WOOD, who will give a candid account of his personal and professional journey, which led to seminal works such as Black Minds Matter

UnAERA is an unscripted, uninhibited, uncensored and unconventional conversation about educational issues often dismissed, neglected, or shunned in mainstream research. It provides a safe space for accomplished scholars to candidly and subjectively discuss their efforts to unmask the harsh realities of educational inequalities and race-based injustices plaguing the educational system. Invited scholars are encouraged to discuss their journey in developing their scholarship and the obstacles encountered to present research that is relevant, visible, and respected in a field that often turns a blind eye and demonstrates indifference to educational issues that ignite the scholars’ greatest passion.

 Limited Capacity Event: RSVP for priority admissions here: UnAERA featuring J. LUKE WOOD - Griot Conversation Tickets, Sat, Apr 15, 2023 at 10:30 AM | Eventbrite

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