AERA Conference

HUSOE 2024 AERA Conference Participants

Thursday, April 11, 2024

A Critical Approach to Capacity Building: Lessons Learned from HBCU Administrators

(Jorge Burmicky, Ed Smith-Lewis, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Institutional Programs, Institute for Capacity Building, UNCF; Jasmine Haywood, Ph.D., Strategy Director for Student Success at Lumina Foundation; Samaad Wes Keys, Ph.D., Senior Program Manager, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

Evaluation, Effectiveness, and Long-Term Sustainability of Men of Color Programs: A Critical Race-Grounded Exploration
(Jorge Burmicky, Jase Kugiya, Eligio Martinez)

"It's Time to Teach the Truth": On Developing a Black Studies Curriculum for New York City Public Schools
(Presidential Session including HUSOE Dean Dawn Williams)

Leading the Way: HBCUs and the Next Generation of Higher Ed Leaders
(Sosanya Jones)

"We Are Our History": Historicizing Black-white Disparities in Exclusionary Discipline
(Kathryn Wiley, Joshua Middleton)

Friday, April 12, 2024

HBCUs Matter: Lessons About Land, Labor, Liberation, and K-20 Collaboration From the 1619 Project
(Sosanya Jones, Blanca E. Vega, Zakiyyah Ali, Marco Sanchez)

Toward a Model of HBCU STEM Doctoral Student Socialization and Career Intentions
(Veronica G. Thomas, Elizabeth Ricks, Briayanna Johnson, Rhonda Baylor)

Fairness in the Next Generation of Standards: A Discussion on Equity
(Kyndra Middleton)

Saturday, April 13, 2024

"As Black America Goes, So Goes the Nation": Re-Centering HBCU SoEs in the Pursuit for Racial Educational Justice
(Presidential Session including HUSOE Dean Dawn Williams)

Advancing Equity in K-12 Education: Perspectives and Strategies
(Nathan Alexander)

The Fluidity of Expectancy-value Effects across Cultures: An Approach of Three-level SEM with Random Slopes
(Jia Lin, Yuyang Cai)

Leveraging and Advancing Careers and Opportunities in Program Evaluation and Assessment 
(Veronica G. Thomas)

Centering Gender Equity, Race, and LGBTQI Research Possibilities at HBCUs 
(Celeste Malone)

A Call to Action: Diversifying the Teacher Education Workforce: A Look at Pennsylvania State's Efforts 
(Katherine E. L. Norris; Ronald William Whitaker, Duquesne University; Donna Marie Cole-Malott, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania)

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Towards a Critical Theory of Professional Development: A Framework for Culturally Responsive Instructional Supervisors
(Shannon R. Waite)

Building Strong Connections:  Investigating Faculty-Student Relationships Among STEM Doctoral Students in HBCUs
(Veronica G. Thomas, Briayanna Johnson, Rhonda Baylor, Elizabeth Ricks)

Allocating Recovery Funding: A Survey of School Districts on Federal Resources
(Carlas McCauley)