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Faculty Profiles

Dr. Shareefah Al'Uqdah smiling

Shareefah Al'Uqdah, Ph.D.

Coordinator for Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program

Associate Professor
ASA 302

Ph.D., Howard University, Counseling Psychology (2010)

Research: Urban mental health; community violence, parenting issues, mental health and physical health outcomes/disparities; PTSD, Depression; and counseling Muslim clients.              


Dr. Gizelle Carr smiling

Gizelle Carr, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
ASA 304

Ph.D., Howard University, Counseling Psychology (2014) 

Research Interests: Xenophobia against immigrants of color; intersectionality & feminist psychology; qualitative research; mental health and assessment of girls in the juvenile justice system; therapeutic jurisprudence. 


Dr. Mercedes Ebanks smiling

Mercedes E. Ebanks, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Counseling Services and School Psychology Masters Programs 

Associate Professor
ASA 306

Ph.D., Howard University, Counseling Psychology (2005)

Research: Parent, caregiver and teacher training; child development and early intervention;  evaluation and treatment of children’s behavior disorders; cultural influences of childrearing; identification of behavior disorders in children in Latin America; co-parenting practices; multicultural awareness and school readiness; early detection of social, emotional, and behavior problems. 


Dr. Salman Elbedour smiling

Salman Elbedour, Ph.D.

ASA 323

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Educational and School Psychology (1992)

Research: Psychopathology, maltreatment, abuse and neglect of children; children exposed to political unrest; family conflict; school and community violence; the Israeli-Arab conflict. 


Dr. Constance Ellison smiling

Constance M. Ellison , Ph.D.

ASA 315

Ph.D., Howard University, Developmental Psychology (1988)

Research: Reflective teacher practice; classroom ecology, student academic enhancement.


Dr. Angela Ferguson smiling

Angela Ferguson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
ASA 318

Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park, Counseling Psychology (1995)

Research: Intersections of identity from a racial, gender, and sexual orientation perspective; multiple forms of oppression and self-concept/psychological well-being; cross-cultural resilience factors in the process of recovery from traumatic injury; women’s leadership styles. 


Dr. Velma Lapoint smiling

Velma LaPoint, Ph.D.

ASA 305

Ph.D., Michigan State University, Counseling

Research: Secondary school reform; student college-career readiness and career development; youth and consumer culture; advertising/marketing to ethnic group youth of color; youth placed at risk and their resiliency. 


Dr. Celeste Malone smiling

Celeste Malone , Ph.D.

Coordinator of School Psychology Doctoral Program

Associate Professor
ASA 321

Ph.D., Temple University, School Psychology (2012) 

Research: Multicultural competence in the training and practice of professional psychology and the personal and professional characteristics related to the development of multicultural competence in school psychology trainees; the identification of specific learning disabilities;  cognitive assessment in children with chronic health conditions; and social skills training for children and adolescents.


Dr. Kyndra Middleton smiling

Kyndra Middleton, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Educational Psychology Doctoral Program 

Associate Professor
ASA 304

Ph.D., University of Iowa, Educational Measurement & Statistics (2007) 

Research: Test validity; disabilities research; and mathematics achievement.


Dr. Jean Bailey smiling

Ura Jean Oyemade Bailey, Ph.D. 

ASA 308, HCH 400 

Ph.D., Tulane University, Psychology (1969)

Research: Early Childhood teacher effectiveness; international development in Africa; drug abuse research; infant mortality.


Dr. Katherine Picho smiling

Katherine Picho, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
ASA 306

Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Education Psychology

Research: Contextual factors that exacerbate stereotype threat (ST) among women and people of color in STEM; educational equity in STEM fields.


Dr. Hakim Rashid smiling

Hakim M. Rashid, Ph.D.

ASA 319

Ph.D., University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Education Psychology (1976)

Research: School reform; culture-based pedagogy in Early Childhood Education; concept of self and self-esteem in Islam; African-American parenting.


Dr. Gregory Reed sitting at desk

Gregory K. Reed, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
ASA 307

Ph.D., University of Iowa, School Psychology (2002)

Research: Behavioral pediatrics; feeding disorders. 


Dr. Elizabeth Ricks smiling

Elizabeth Ricks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
ASA 315

Ph.D., Howard University, Educational Psychology (2012)

Research Interests: Cognitive self-regulation; approaches to learning; mathematics achievement in young children; factors that influence self-efficacy in children; early childhood development in African-American kindergarten boys.


Dr. Veronica Thomas smiling

Veronica Thomas, Ph.D.

ASA 320

Ph.D., Howard University, Social Psychology (1982)

Research: Educational reform; the Psychology of Black Women; contextually responsive evaluations.


Dr. Ivory Toldson smiling

Ivory Toldson, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Negro Education

ASA 318, HCH 116

Ph.D., Temple University, Counseling Psychology (2002)

Research: Co-occurring disorders; criminal and police psychology; urban issues in counseling; African American men in the criminal justice system; and psychometric assessment.


Dr. Kamilah Woodson smiling

Kamilah Woodson, Ph.D. 

ASA 205

Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, Clinical Psychology (2002) 

Research: Health-related risk behaviors (substance abuse & risky sexual behaviors), exposure to violence; mental health disparities, and issues related to internalized racism (as a function of hair texture and skin color).