HELPS Program Scheme - YEAR THREE

Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies (HELPS) YEAR THREE

Fall ELPS Fundraising in Higher Education 3 (CLASSROOM)
Fall ELPS Research Practicum 3 (CLASSROOM)
Fall ELPS Research Design and Analysis 3 (ONLINE)
COMPREHENSIVE EXAM Students must take the Comprehensive Exam after completing 51 credits, inclusive of core courses, research courses and the Research Practicum course. The first time students will have the opportunity to take the exam will be at the end of the Fall semester of their third year. In order to advance into candidacy, students must not only pass the exam, but also demonstrate the ability to conduct publishable research in the Research Practicum course.
Spring ELPS Institutional Research 3 (CLASSROOM)
Spring ELPS Dissertation Seminar 3 (ONLINE)