Message from the Director

To All Parents and Friends,

rhonda small

I welcome you to the Howard University, School of Education Early Learning Program, a nationally accredited early childhood program. Our school incorporates and demonstrates current and appropriate practices to the teaching of young children. We take pride in preparing a flexible learning environment with a wide variety of materials that motivate children to explore with confidence and comfort. Highly qualified and caring professionals focus on children's growth and development in a sequential progression. It is our goal to nurture a strong sense of self-esteem in each child. Each classroom provides a broad range of learning opportunities that stimulate every learning domain of our children. This rich setting inspires your child to play, to discover, to learn, to grow, to make choices, and to think critically. We value the varied cultures that families bring to us. We also value people, events, happenings and celebrations that are part of "our world," and we actively pursue a curriculum that fosters awareness, and healthy respect for this diversity. Parents are teachers too. Your participation in our program can make a positive difference. Our school is a diverse learning laboratory setting where future teachers can observe and integrate classroom theory with practical experiences. We encourage participation and collaboration from students, faculty, and staff. We also value your regular visits and your candid suggestions for our continued success. Again, welcome to all.