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Faculty Profiles

Dr. Melanie Carter smiling

Melanie Carter, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor
Carnegie 206

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Educational Policy and Leadership (1996)

Research: Leadership in Higher Education


Dr. Leslie T. Fenwick smiling

Leslie T. Fenwick, Ph.D. 

ASA 215

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Educational Policy and Leadership (1993)

Research: Education Policy, the superintendency and principalship, higher education leadership, urban school reform


Dr. Lisa Grillo smiling

Lisa Grillo, Ed.D. 

Assistant Professor
ASA 207

Ed.D., Howard University, Educational Policy and Leadership (2005)

Research: Leadership in Higher Education


Dr. Sosanya Jones smiling

Sosanya Jones, Ed.D. 

Assistant Professor
ASA 207

Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, Higher and Postsecondary Education (2013)

Research: Equity and diversity in higher education policy, policy implementation, and the politics of diversity work.


Dr. Robert T. Palmer smiling

Robert T. Palmer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
ASA 223

Ph.D., Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, Higher Education Administration (2007) 

Research: Access, equity, retention, persistence, the college experience of racial ethnic minorities, particularly within the context of historically-black colleges and universities (HBCUs).


Dr. Cristóbal Rodríguez smiling

Cristóbal Rodríguez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
ASA 117

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, Educational Policy & Planning (2009)

Research: As more education policy is being developed with consideration to the P-20 education pipeline, the work in preparing school leaders in navigating policy becomes even more critical in improving access for diverse populations throughout the pipeline. Therefore, Dr. Rodríguez' research focus centers around concentrated diverse demographics and explores the variation of policy development, implementation, and results and their influence on access throughout the educational pipeline.​


Dr. Kmt G. Shockley smiling

Kmt G. Shockley, Ph.D. 

ASA 207

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, Organizational Leadership and Policy Studies (2003)

Research: Transformative African centered education, educational transformation, and educational leadership. He conducts workshops, is a keynote speaker, has written numerous publications and appeared on various television, radio, and other media outlets, where he is known for his commonsensical approach to true education and personal transformation.